What Does Receptive Mean?


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Receptive means capable or qualified for receiving. If someone is ready or willing to receive favourably then they are said to be receptive. Receptive is the adjective form of reception. This term is also used to describe someone who is equipped with the skills of listening and reading in linguistics. Thus a person who is open and broad-minded enough to consider new ideas, arguments or changes is a receptive personality.

This word originated during the 16th century and its Latin form is receptivus. It is pronounced as ree-sep-tiv. "He had a very receptive audience in those kids", "she is a very receptive personality" etc are the examples of the usage of this word.
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It means that you are open to the idea or experience involved. It means you like the plan or Idea. in a sentence... Sharon was very receptive to the idea of sharing working hours with her friend Hallie. I tend to be receptive to new ideas, if they will help me get my work done faster. It means accepting of, or approving of, something. Also just to be helpful, the word 'dose' means a unit of medication given at a certain time. The word 'does' is the word you are looking for to, use in the method that you have used it above. It is easy to confuse especially if you type fast!.....*p
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Able or quick to receive knowledge.hope itz da answer to da question

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