What Does Advantage Mean?


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Advantage means something that is better then something else.
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It means : Something that may help you to do better than other people or that will bring you a good result. Ex : Her experience gave her a big advantage over the other people applying for the job.
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Advantage is a verb as well as a noun. The term "Advantage" means a beneficial factor. It can be an opportunity, state, circumstance, interest or a desired state which is achieved from doing a certain activity or any task. It is also used in idioms like take advantage of, do advantage, have advantage of etc.  

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If you did a safety inspection would this be an advantage
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Advantage is a useful word because you can express your self example: I want advantage of my brother and it can almost mean to take over someones duty
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Advantage basically means to takeover someone's duty or to look after something.
Advantage also means if their is no one that can look after something for you, you need some one to. Thats what advantage basically means.

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It is to take the opportunity, to rich a gold, that can lead you perform certain activity effectivelySuperiority over a person or thing in reference to another

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