What Does Pluck Mean?


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Pluck means to pull out sharply like for instance 'He plucked a single red rose from the bush for his lady love'. To pluck may also mean to remove feathers from something especially a bird, for example, 'the cook plucked the chicken before slicing it'.

In the world of music plucking has a distinct meaning. Here it means pulling gently in a plucking motion. A musician may use this technique especially while playing some kind of stringed instrument like a guitar. For example 'she skilfully plucked the strings of her mandolin'.

In American lingo pluck means to hustle or sell something through some illegal activity. In addition pluck may also mean to overcharge, to cheat or charge an exorbitant price.

Pluck is also the name of a social media software company which has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. They have a number of quality programs to their credit like Blogburst, Pluck RSS Reader,, and SiteLife suite.
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Can we say "to pluck the stars for you" well you know,not literally I mean like in a poet...that's where I brought it from..

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