What Does Acronym Ref Stand For?


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Ref is an acronym that stands for reference but at the same time it refers to many other things.    Reference is basically some kind of word that refers to or even talks about something else. It even behaves to a link kind of thing that very well connects two different things. It could also link to objects that are very concrete, which could refer to books or locations, or abstract, such as data, thoughts, or memories.    Ref also refers to a referee. He is that individual who basically is give the full authority during the game to take any kind of decisions as out, lbw, foul, or any such decisions. But a referee has to go according to the guidelines of the game.    Ref also refers to Row echelon form, which is basically some kind of a mathematical matrix construct. It also refers to Rapid Equipping Force (a U.S. Army special unit) and Relative effectiveness factor (a measure of the power of an explosive).

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