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Status means the position of an individual in relation to another or others and is usually defined with regard to social or professional standing.

For example, my current employment status is that I work full-time. Another example: Winston is the alpha male of all my dogs; he has the top status in the group.

Status can also refer to the condition of someone's affairs. So in an industrial dispute, the status of the disagreement will remain unchanged until a solution is found.
An example sentence would be: Arbitration has failed to change the status of the disagreement.

The third frequent use of status is as a noun, the standing of a person in law.So, a judge could ask what a person's legal status is and the answer might be, that of a minor.

Status can also be used as an adjective, ie something that describes another thing. If you buy a big expensive car to show off your wealth, it could be described as a status car.
People could also refer to your new car as a staus symbol because it is something that can demonstrate your social or professional standing.
Why do the bosses at work get the best company cars? Status. You don't need low profile tyres and alloy wheels on your car so why pay the money for them? To show status.

The same could be applied to clothes, the size of your house or the attractiveness of your partner. But while these things can indicate status, it doesn't mean they always do.
The fact that your partner is attractive could be co-incidental as you are with him/her because of other reasons.
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The relative position or standing of persons in a society for example we can say that "he had the status of a minor". In this example the status or the relative position of that person in as a minor in that particular society. That can be a position relative to that of other's standings, high standing, prestige or can be a state of affairs/situations.
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The following webpage contains an online dictionary, that will not only show you the four different definitions of "Status", but also show you their individual usage in sentences.
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Status in the sense of 'social status' means your position in a community or organization - eg how important or highly regarded you are. There are 'high status jobs' which are seen as important and given respect, for instance.

Status also refers to the position of a job or item at any given time - eg you can track the status of an order you have placed to see whether it's been sent yet.
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Status can also mean a person's condition or state

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