What Does The Name Connell Mean?


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Connell is both a name and a surname. It is of Celtic origins and it literally means 'strong in battle'. Although Connell is a masculine first name it is very rare. However the surname Connell is fairly common.

There is also a place in the American capital Washington called Connell.

There are many famous personalities with the name Connell. Charles Connell was a reputed Canadian politician, Desmond Connell who is the Primate of Ireland and the Cardinal Archbishop of Dublin. Charles R. Connell was an American Congressman from the state of Pennsylvania. Lorie Connell was an Australian horse racing enthusiast and entrepreneur. Richard Connell is an American author. William Connell is an American Congressman from the state of Pennsylvania. Raewyn Connell is an Australian sociologist.
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My 6-year-old son's name is Connel. It's different, but close enough to Conner so that it's not considered strange.
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Well my second name is connell well its double barrel connel pritchard and I think it means strong mind because all my family is all very strong minded and so am I ! Good luck searching I am to because I don't no what either of the names mean

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