What Does Pana Mean In English?


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It can also mean friend..
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According to Inuit mythology, Pana was the god who took care of the souls in the underworld prior to being reincarnated. Inuit mythology has quite a few similarities in comparison to the religions of other Polar Regions.

Inuit customary religious practices could be very temporarily summarized as a type of shamanism based on animist values. According to certain aspects, Inuit mythology extends the familiar concept of what the expression "mythology" means. The Inuit customary cosmology is not a religion in its general theological sense, and is comparable to what majority of the individuals think about as mythology only is a description of the world and people in it.

Definitely, the customary stories, rituals as well as the taboos of the Inuit are so caught up in the apprehensive and the preventive civilization required by their harsh surroundings that it brings up the question as to do they really qualify as beliefs at all.
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The word 'Pana' has many connotations in different languages.

The word 'Pana' is the name of a God in Inuit mythology. He is believed to have taken care of the souls in the underworld, known as Adlivun, before they undertook the practice of reincarnation. I

In Inuktitut, pana means 'snow knife'. In Tagalog, pana refers to the term for bow, the one used in archery. It is also a term used in Venezuelan Spanish referring to or variants of 'friend'.

Pana is also the name of a small township situated in Illinois. It used to be known as the rose city, owing to its vast rose greenhouses, which were shut down due to the growing expenditure of energy. There also exists a place called Pana in Canada, in the city of Ontario.
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In Inuit mythology, Pana was the god who looked after souls in the underworld before they were reincarnated. Prior to their reincarnation, the souls in the underworld in Inuit mythology were known as the Adlivun. Inuit is the name of an American Indian tribe which is native to the continent of North America. Pana is also a word in the Inuktitut, which means snow knife.

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