How Do You Spell Prerequisites?


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As a prerequisite, we are exempted from Tender fees
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The word "prerequisites" is spelt as "p-r-e-r-e-q-you-I-s-I-t-e-s". The word "prerequisites" is a word that is created after adding the prefix "pre-" to the word "requisites". The basic meaning of the word "prerequisites" is that something that is required or that is necessary as part of a prior condition. It refers to any event or action that is required to be satisfied before the next set of events or actions can take place. For instance in order to vote a person must first attain the age of eighteen years. Prerequisite can be defined as condition, sine qua non, necessity, precondition etc.

The prefix "pre-" means earlier to, before or prior to and is taken from the Middle English. It was taken in turn from the Old French and was derived from the Latin word "prae-" meaning "in front" or "before". The word "requisite" on the other hand refers to something that is a requirement or indispensable. It is derived from the Latin word "requirere" meaning "to require".

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