What Does `phishing` Mean?


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If you say this out loud it sounds like fishing, but in fact it is something that relates to fraud over the internet. Internet fraud has been a big problem over the years and it is on the increase making it a very daunting thing for many customers who order goods on the internet. More and more companies are constantly looking for new methods to increase security through software and websites to try and stop this. The problem is that fraudsters are also finding new ways to beat any flaws that are there in the websites and software at the same time. You may have come across certain software such as internet browsers with options that can deal with phishing, so it is always a good idea to allow things like this to run.
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Phishing is an e-mail fraud method in which the perpetrator sends out legitimate-looking email in an attempt to gather personal and financial information from recipients. Typically, the messages appear to come from well known and trustworthy Web sites. Web sites that are frequently spoofed by phishers

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