What Does Raster Mean?


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Raster is a word that is used for different type of graphics, it is a row oriented representations refers to various techniques like; Raster Graphics, Raster Scan, Rasterisation, a Raster Image Processor (RIP) and Raster to Vector. The word Raster can also refer to Rastrum which is a device that was used in medieval period for writing musical manuscripts and drawing staff lines.

A Raster Graphics is a type of an image file (Digital Image, Bitmap), in the format of data representing a generally rectangular grid of pixels or certain points of colour. The image can be displayed on a computer screen or on a paper or any other display device for that matter. Each pixel is separately defined; it also includes the RGB colour space, consisting of coloured pixels which are less than three bytes.
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Rasterization or rasterisation basically is the assignment of taking an image explained in a vector graphic arrangement and exchanging it into a raster image for productivity on a video display or printer.

The expression raterization can commonly be used to any procedure by which vector information can be transformed into a raster format. In standard application, the expression address to the well known rendering algorithm for demonstrating three-dimensional outlines on a computer. Rasterization at the moment is most well known method for creating real time 3D computer graphics. Real-time applications necessitate responding instantly to user input, and normally need to generate frame rates of at least twenty frames per second.

In comparison to additional rendering methods like radiosity and raytracing approaches, rasterization is exceptionally fast.

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