What Does The Name Randall Mean?


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Randall is a masculine name. It is a name with Old German origins. The pronunciation of this name is RAN-dal. The meaning of this word is "wolf shield" when translated into English. It is said to be derivation of both Randwulf and Randolph. Randy or Rand are nicknames associated with the name Randall. This name is very popular as a first name for males and is also very well known as a surname.

This word was first used as a surname by the Anglo-Saxons and was derived from the baptismal name Randel. It appeared at a time during the medieval ages when it was becoming a fast growing trend to use baptismal names or first names as surnames. Some of the famous people who have borne this name are actor Tony Randall, football player Randall Cunningham and poet Randall Jarel.
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Hahahahahahahahaha that previous answer is just too funny! "wolf shield" hahahahaha...thats my aunts boyfriends name...(randall) and now she is calling him wolf...haha nice.

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