What Does Posterior Shadowing Mean On A Sonogram Of The Breast?


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Posterior shadowing is defined as an important sign which is invoked at regular intervals and helps in establishing the ultrasonic diagnosis. The ultrasonic beams have propagating characteristics and the tissues in the human body have acoustic properties. A combination of the ultrasonic beams, which have propagating characteristics, and the tissues in the human body, which have acoustic properties, give rise to posterior shadowing.

In breast sonography, hypoechoic nodules with posterior shadowing can prove to be a major hindrance in the test for malignancy. However, there are occasions when benign nodules may have hypoechogenecity with the posterior shadowing mimicking malignancy.

The purpose of this exhibition is basically to illustrate benign hypoechoic nodules with posterior shadowing at the breasts with pathological correlations in various causes. Focal fibrosis is the breast is a benign entity. It is characterised by the abundance of connective tissues which separate the intervening ducts and lobules. These are often atrophic.
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Shadowing on a sonogram, after having had an MRI turned out to be nothing and evergthing turned out fine. Now I have to get a recheck. If a shadow appears again, will I have to have another MRI done?

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