What Does The Echinoderm Mean?


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Echinoderm means spiky skin.
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An echinoderm is a member of several symmetrically proportioned aquatic invertebrates under the phylum Echinodermata. This particular category consists of starfish, sea cucumbers and urchins, who have an intrinsic calcareous bone structure and are often covered with needles.

Around six thousand species that are in existence are classified into six groups. They are: Crinoidea (e.g. sea lily), Asteroidea (e.g. starfish), Ophiuroidea (e.g. basket stars), Echinoidia (e.g. sea urchins), Concentricycloidea (e.g. sae daisy), and Holothurioidea (e.g. sea cucumbers).

Echinoderms can be found in most seas and oceanic bodies. Most types have several tube feet that are adapted for mobility, breathing, sensory perception, nourishment, tunnelling and ability to grasp. Mostly all echinoderms eat infinitesimal accumulation or hanging substance, moreover some feed on plantation.
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Echinoderms are known as the phylums which belong to marine animals; the word has been taken from the Greek language, "Phylum Echinodermata" which means Spiny Skin. These phyla are found in all depths. The origin of these phylum's are said to be during the early Cambrian Period, they contain around 7,000 living species and around 13,000 extinct ones.

It is said that the Echinoderms evolved from animals that had bilateral symmetry. The larvae of the Echinoderms are ciliated free swimming organisms that can organize themselves in a bilaterally symmetric fashion. This activity makes them look like embryonic chordates.

The echinoderms belong to the Animalia Kingdom, their sub kingdom is Eumetazoa and their Super phylum is the Deuterostomia. The echinoderms also have a hydraulic water vascular system and they also have an open and reduced circulatory system.
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I too agree with the guest above that the MEANING, not what echindoerm  are is, spiky skin. Thank you for understanding the question, unlike the others.

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