What Does Bail Mean?


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Bail is referred to as the release of a person from jail after a security has been paid. Here the legal system or the law allows an accused person to be let out of custody until he is summoned at trial. Usually some property or money is deposited or pledged at the court before securing bail for the concerned person. It is given under the promise that the accused would turn up for the trial or forfeit the bail. After the trial the bail money is returned to the person who pledged it. Anybody other than those charged with death penalty is entitled to apply for bail and receive it as per the state constitution.

But certain conditions are set and if they are not followed then the bail may be revoked or cancelled by the court. The amount of money for the bail is decided by the judge handling the case. There are conditional bails and unconditional bails and they are given as per the nature of the crime and the offence charged on the accused.
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A deposit set aside as seen by the courts to allow a person to be released from jail until time for the trial and the bail ie property, money etc. Will be returned to the person if the person shows up for the court date and trial, if the person does not show up or appear the bail is lost.....the best to you
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A bail is an amount of money that you have to pay in order to get someone out of jail. Not all criminals have bails.
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To get some one out of jail with money or private possessions.
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Bail simply means if you have anyone in jail , a bail is required for that person to come out from jail. A bail helps the person to come out from the jail with money and surety.

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Bail  means bye

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