What Does Raffish Mean?


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Raffish is a word in the English language which fits perfectly into the part of speech of adjectives. Even as an adjective, raffish has two meanings. Depending on the context in which the word is used, its synonyms could be dapper, jaunty, natty or rakish, devil-may-care, carefree. The exact meanings of the word along with its noun and adverb forms as well as the use of the word in appropriate sentences as an example are given below…

Meaning 1: Marked by smartness and up-to-datedness as far as dress and manners are concerned; Example: A raffish young girl always steals the show.

Meaning 2: Marked by a carefree attitude and unconventionality or disreputableness of an individual or group of individuals; Ex: An extravagant party thrown by raffish teenagers.

The noun form of raffish is raffishness, and the adverb form is raffishly.

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