What Is The Meaning Word Of Console?


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The meaning of the word "console” is dependent on whether you meant to use it as a verb, or a noun. The word is pronounced differently based on the intent of meaning. The noun can refer to a gaming console such as an XBox, PlayStation, Wii, or DS. It can also refer to a unit that houses your electronics (like a cabinet.) Other types of surfaces, such as tables can be considered consoles. Most surfaces that are referred to as consoles are meant to hold electronics. The keyboard on your computer is technically a type of console. Certain panels in musical instruments are called consoles. For example, the keys and pedals on a piano. If you are using the word "console” as a noun, try adding a descriptor before it. For example, say "gaming console” to distinguish the type of console you are referring to. This alleviates possible confusion.

The verb "console” has an entirely different meaning. This refers to an action of providing comfort to another person. You might console a friend after the death of a loved one. You console your child if they have to have surgery. You might even console yourself if you are stressed out. You might say to yourself, "I can get through this if I just carry on.” The goal of consoling someone is to make them feel more calm and comfortable than before. Trying to determine whether someone needs to be consoled might sometimes be tricky. Some people don’t want to pry into someone else’s life. You don’t need to ask the details of the situation they are in.  A good rule to have is to ask yourself, "If I were in their same situation, would I want to be consoled by someone such as myself.” By doing this, you can help someone in an appropriate way while avoiding any embarrassment.
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This word has two meanings and two pronunciations. The verb, to console, is pronounced kon-SOLE. it means to comfort, or make someone feel better when they are unhappy. If a friend of yours had lost someone they loved, you would probably try to console them ie, try to make them feel better. The noun form is consolation; there is also an adjective, inconsolable (which means that nothing can make you feel better: eg "She was inconsolable when her father died.")

The other meaning is a noun, pronounced KON-sole. This is a panel or unit on which switches and other controls are located. It can also be a cabinet in which a television or similar appliance is placed.
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Console means to console sum1
like if a friend is sad den v console him
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To consult

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