What Is The Word Meaning Of Visitation?


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The term "visitation" can have a number of meanings, depending on the specific context. Within a religious context, visitation is often referred to as the appearance of some type of supernatural being or spirit. Within Roman Catholic theology, the visitation refers to the time when the Virgin Mary visited Elizabeth, the mother of Saint John, after Mary found out that the latter was pregnant. The visitation is thus a church holiday celebrated each year on 31 May.

The term "visitation" can also refer to the legal right of a divorced parent to visit his/her child who may be in the custody of a former partner or spouse. In this case, the right of visitation is usually declared by a divorce court and will occur according to a set schedule.

In yet another context, visitation can refer to when family or friends of someone recently deceased visit the mourning relatives to offer their condolences. This visit usually takes places at a funeral home.

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