What Does The "Twi" In Twilight Mean?


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The word "twilight" comes from the Middle English word "twilighte"; derived from the Old English. In the Old English it was a combination of two words "twi-" and "Liht". Ligh was obviously referring to light and twi meant two. Hence we see that the prefix "twi-" in Twilight stands for two. Twilight means as the light that is between night and day, a second type and kind of light. In eastern cultures it is referred to as a period when the two times meet. In certain faiths prayers at this time are forbidden as well.

The prefix is also found used in the words twins, twine, twig, twibil, twice etc. The alternate forms like the Greek "di-" and the Latin "duo-" are also used in the English language as a prefix for two.

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