What Does Mute Mean?


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The word "mute" can be a noun, verb and adjective. It means no voice, so we can say for a noun, "He 's mute" " the bad news made him mute.

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Mute, is like turning the volume down, so you can't hear anything, but it's faster
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Mute is anything that is incapable of speech or sound. In language mute would indicate a situation where words are inadequate or inappropriate for example 'a mute appeal'.

A mute is an individual who is unable to speak. Usually such an unfortunate person may also be incapable of hearing as well.

The MUTE Network or MUTE_net as it is called for short is the name of a pal to pal or peer to peer file sharing network which was initially developed with preserving user's anonymity. It is open source software. Not only does it have support for the Microsoft Windows operating system but the Linux and Mac OS X as well.

In phonology a mute letter is one which is silent or not pronounced. Mute Magazine is one of the leading Arts Magazines in the United Kingdom. There is also an episode of The Twilight Zone which is called Mute. The writer Brad Steel also published a novel entitled Mute. In 200 Hush records released a music album called Mute which features indie rock artists

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