What Does Pal Mean?


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Pal is slang for friend or a buddy. It implies a person who is a companion and hence can be trusted. For a person to become a pal there has to be a reconciliation of, attitudes, likes and views between two or more people. Trust, integrity and bonding between two people can result in friendship or make them come together as pals. The synonyms of the word pal are chum, amigo, confidante, companion, crony, mate etc.

PAL also stands for Phase Alternating Line, a standard color encoding system used in color televisions across most parts of the world. The PAL system uses 25 interlaced frames per second or 50 half frames per second to broadcast pictures at 625 lines of resolution. PAL is used throughout Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East nations and China. The color signals of PAL are maintained automatically and the user does not have to use an adjustable hue control for his TV set.
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Phase Alternative Line Is definition For PAL

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