What Does Dumb Mean?


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Dumb refers to some one who is mute or is suffering from Speech Disorders or Speech Impediments, it is a type of communication disorder in which the speech is interrupted or not at all present. This can also refer to stuttering, vocal dysphonia and lisps, it also refers to some one who is totally mute and cannot speak even if he or she tried.

There are many types of causes that cause speech disorders, these causes include; neurological disorders, mental retardation, hearing loss, drug abuse, vocal abuse or misuse and physical impairments such as a cleft lip or palate. However many of these disorders can be treated with a good amount of speech therapy.

In slang English the word Dumb is a type of degrading term for some one who lacks intelligence or possesses stupidity.
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It means not intelligent.
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Dumb really refers to muteness.

It has been disambiguated over the years to refer to being stupid.
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The main meaning of this word is mute, keep silent, and also stupid.

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