What Does Redeem Mean?


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The word redeem has a Latin origin. It stems from redimere which mean to buy. Then, it was adapted by the Old French as redimer and by Middle English as redemen. The verb 'redeem' means to recover the ownership of something by paying a certain sum. It could also mean 'to buy' or 'to pay off'. For example: to redeem a mortgage or a promissory note. When you recover or get back something that is pawned or mortgaged, you redeem it. For example: redeem a pawned bracelet.

Redeem could also mean 'to fulfil a duty or a pledge'. When someone converts something into cash, it is also called redeeming. For example: redeem stocks. It means to sell the stocks and obtain money in exchange. Redeem could mean 'to make up for'. Redeem means: to restore one's honour or reputation; to set free or rescue; and to save from sins and the resulting circumstances.
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Redeem means having to regain possession of something that  you have lost or given away! For example getting sins

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