What Does Fording Mean?


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Fording is a present participle form of the word "to ford," which means to cross a river or stream by wading or moving on a horse or a car. The word is a relatively new word which made its entry into popular English literature in the beginning of the 19th century. Fording as a noun or 'ford' implies a crossing or a shallow part of the stream which can be forded.

Fording is often used with the phrase "shallow fording" and "deep fording." Shallow fording means the quality or attribute in a gun or a vehicle to be protected with a built-in waterproofing with its suspension attached to the ground, to tide over a water barrier without the use of a particular waterproofing kit. Deep fording refers to the same thing but it helps counter a water barrier with the use of a specially designed waterproofing kit.

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