What Does 'Flushed' Mean?


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To be flushed means to give out a healthy red colouring, to glow. One is said to be flushed when the blood rushes to one's face. One is said to be flushed when the face possesses a certain kind of pinkish hue that may have occurred due to extreme embarrassment or a strong emotion or even as a result of activity that is exerting on the body.

To flush also refers to the flow of water that is rapid and abundant, in order to clean or empty out, much like flushing a toilet. It may also means to cleanse or rinse something of impurities. For example, 'the toxins were flushed out of his body".

In card playing, a flush is a hand of cards in which all of them are from the same suit but not in a numerical series, ranking below a full house and above a straight in the game of poker.

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