What Does Methodist Mean?


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The word Methodist is defined as a follower of the Wesleyan denomination of Christianity (also known in simple terms as Wesleyanism). It is practiced by the Methodist Church. The practices and rituals of the Methodist Church are those of, those which pertain to or those which are characteristic of the Wesleyan branch of Protestantism. Wesleyan means someone who adheres to the views of the theologian Wesley.

The Methodist movement is one of the various groups of denominations that make up Protestant Christianity. Methodist hymns refer to a selections of hymns which have been selected from the collection which is known as the UM Hymnal and Methodist Book of Hymns. The full form of the abbreviation UMC is the United Methodist Church. The Methodist branch of the Protestant Church was established by John and Charles Wesley. The Methodist Church, the forerunner of the UMC, merged with the Evangelical United Brethren Church to form the UMC in the year 1968.

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