What Does Discrete Mean?


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The meaning of discrete is doing something secretly. At a point when no one knows what you doing...
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Discrete means separate and most commonly used in Maths. I think you may have been looking for Discreet this is to do something anonymous or go about doing something that isn't perceived as obvious.
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which means some work you are doing secretly and no one knows what are you doing

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Discrete basically means "disconnected" or "distinctly separate." The word is originated from the 15th century Latin word discretus which means "divided." The word is used in different contexts to give different meanings. For example, in maths, it means countable set of values which is not infinite. In the parlance of electrical engineering, discrete refers to distinct and unique electrical components like inductors or individual resistors. An integrated circuit board with all parts and components integrated and interconnected in not discrete.

Something that can be perceived only in isolation and not in synchrony with the other elements is called as discrete. Often a person is able to see a discrete form of identity in an illusion picture. A project which goes on without any predetermined information about its completion is said to be discrete also.

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