What Does Disambiguation Mean?


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Disambiguation pertains to establishing a single meaning or interpretation of a particular word. It refers to using a word within a context by removing the other ambiguous meanings and interpretations. When a meaning is disambiguated, the word becomes clear with respect to the meaning, the thought is clarified and the language becomes comprehensible.

Ambiguities often happen when one particular word or term has more than one meaning. One has to disambiguate or narrow down the term in such a way that it becomes related to the topic in question. For example, the word apple can mean a fruit or a brand name in computer technology. It can also mean the name of a person. Mercury has several meanings: name of a planet, name of an element, brand of an automobile, and the name of a Roman God. Search engines like Google are constantly offering different ways in which disambiguation can be done in order to single out the word being sought. For example, you can put the group of words "the fruit apple" in an apostrophe to single out the word in reference to fruit only.

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