What Does Gee And Haw Mean?


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Gee and Haw are terms used in connection with cattle. Gee means to turn away from the cattle driver and haw means to turn towards him. It can therefore be defined as causing a team to turn to the off side or alternatively from the driver.

Gee is defined as the command which is given to a horse ordering it to turn to the right. GEE is also an abbreviation of Grid a British radio navigation system which was developed in the Second War. The ideas of GEE were incorporated in to the LORAN system which was developed by the Americans.

A driver is alternatively referred to as a teamster because he drives a team of oxen or cattle. In England the driver always walks on the right hand side of the cattle while in the USA the driver will always keep to their left. Despite this the meaning of Gee and Haw remains the same wherever it is used all over the world.

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