What Does Liable Mean?


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Bound to law
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The Webster's dictionary states the meaning of liable as "obligated according to law or equity." The synonyms of the word "liable" are "answerable," "legally accountable," "accountable," "prone to," "responsible," etc. The word was introduced in popular English literature in the middle of the 14th century. Some one who is legally accountable or responsible is known to be liable. For example: The tabloid is liable to pay compensation against the defamation notice slapped by the actress, according to the recent court order.

Liable though usually means "accountable" or "obligated," is used generally with reference to criminal or violation of a civic code. For example, a speeding driver is liable to pay a fine. The word is also used in connection to a negative outcome. For example, "The new team is liable to fail, considering the lack of experience and hostile conditions." The word "liable" comes from the French word "lier," which means "to bind."

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