What Does Prosecution Mean?


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Prosecution is the act or process of prosecuting, or of endeavoring to
gain or accomplish something; pursuit by efforts of body
or mind; as, the prosecution of a scheme, plan, design, or
undertaking; the prosecution of war.
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The word prosecution is defined as the institution and conduct of legal proceedings against a defendant for criminal behaviour. The prosecution is defined as the team of lawyers acting on behalf of the state, which is the plaintiff, to put the case against the defendant in a court of law. Prosecution is derived from the verb to prosecute. The word prosecution also means the continuance of something which has begun with a view to complete it.

In countries which have adopted the adversarial system of common law or the inquisitorial system of civil law, the word prosecutor is used to define the chief legal representative of the prosecution. The prosecution is the legal party which is liable for presenting the case in the court of law against an individual who is suspected of breaking the law during the course of a criminal trial. A lawyer who acts on behalf of the Crown is also known as the prosecution.

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