What Does It Mean When Someone Is Obligated To Do Something?


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When you are obligated to do something, then is is your duty or job. You are right. You must promise to do something because it is your obligation.
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  When someone is obligated to do something it means they have agreed to do something or a situation they are in requires them to do something.  It is similar to a duty or responsibility.
  Example:  If I go to the car dealer and decide to buy a car, but I don't have enough money the dealer might arrange a loan for me.  If I accept the terms of the loan I become obligated to make payments to the lender in the amount and by the date due.  If I fail to meet my obligation the lender has the right to repossess my car and sell it to get their money back.
  Example 2:  If my dog digs under the fence and gets out of the yard and goes across the street and kills one of my neighbors chickens then I am obligated to replace the chicken or pay my neighbor a fair price for the damage.  If I don't, my neighbor can take me to court and have a judgement placed against me and if I still didn't pay I could be put in jail.
  Those are examples of financial and legal obligations.  There are also family obligations (do your chores, come home for the holidays, attend a wedding), social obligations (similar to family, but for friends), and religious obligations (do what you are supposed to do, don't do what you are not supposed to do.)
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For example someone may be obliged to offer something regardless of weather you say yes or no or like obligated say if in a job description duties then they would be obligated to do so
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Its like their job, like what you said, I guess!

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