What Does Mariposa Mean?


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The word Mariposa means 'butterfly' in Spanish. It is usually used to refer to any of the several plants that belong to the gnus Calochortus which have tulip shaped flowers with three petals and three sepals. They are generally found growing in the south western parts of the USA and Mexico.

Mariposa in the American state of California is an unincorporated community. The computer database Mariposa was developed in the University of California which is in Berkeley. Mariposa is also the name of a fictional town which was created by Stephen Leacock and is based on Orillia in Ontario, Canada. Mariposa is also the name of a town in the Junín Region of Peru. There is also a Phillipino movie called Mariposa. Mariposa is also a community located in Rio Rancho in New Mexico. Mariposa, Ontario is an extinct unincorporated community and township located in the province of Ontario in Canada.

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