What Does Shar Mean?


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Shar means shut up.  Listen to me people it really does mean shut up.
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The word "shar" can refer to a number of things. It can refer to the name of a kingdom in the Dungeons and Dragons series along with the name of a fictional goddess found in another campaign of the same gaming series. In computer terminology Shar is the shortened version of "Shell Archive" a Unix program. Shar is also used instead of the word strait in the names of Kostin Strait, Matochkin Strait and Yugorsky Strait alternatively called Kostin Shar, Matochkin Shar and Yugorsky Shar respectively.

Shar is also the nickname of the now decommissioned naval fighter aircraft the Sea Harrier. The fighter, attack and reconnaissance aircraft first entered service in the eighties saw service in the Falklands and is yet serving with the Indian Navy. It is to be replaced by the F-35 in the United Kingdom and this is expected to take place only till about 2012.

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