What Does Kinship Mean?


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The word kinship is a synonym of the word affinity. It is defined as the close connection of a person with other people. This kinship is characterised by a commonality of interests or a similarity in the nature or character. In anthropology, the word kinship is defined as the relatedness, relationship or connection between people. This kinship can either be by blood or by marriage or by adoption. Kinship is the basic principle of organising a group of individuals into separate groups, each having a distinct role and category.

Kinship was originally thought to be recognized by biological descent, which was either real or imaginary. However this claim was challenged by Schneider in the year 1984. The crux of Schneider's argument was that anthropologists had established a domain of kinship which was based on the notions of human reproduction. This was also based on the relatedness of their own Euro-American culture, which was biologically defined.

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