What Does Sherry Mean?


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The word Sherry can mean a number of things. As a name the name Sherry is of English origin and is the phonetic spelling version of a French name "Cherie". It is believed to mean "dear" in French. It can alternately be traced to the Hebrew name Sharon and in that case would mean "a fertile plain" or from the Old German name "Charlotte" which would make it mean "free man".

The word "sherry" is also the name of a fortified wine that is related to Spain. Similar wines are now manufactured elsewhere in the world as well. The wine is characterized by a dry but sweet taste and its colour ranges from brown to amber. The name of the wine however can be traced back to the Persian city of Shiraz which was renowned.
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The name Sherry is English in origin. It is a girl's name and is pronounced as Sher-ee. It is also the short form of the Hebrew name Sharon meaning 'a fertile plain', or that of the German 'Cheryl' or 'Charlotte' meaning 'free man'. Sherry is also used in reference to sweet vine, Sherry, as is the name Brandy. The name Sherry has the following variants: Cheri, Sharee, Shari, Sherae, Sharice, Sherina, Sherree, Sherita, Sherissa and Shericia.

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