What Do Suburbs Mean?


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Suburbs stand for the inhabited districts that are either located inside the town or a city. It is located just outside the official limits of the city or it is based just on the outer rim of the city. The suburbs are populated areas that have certain autonomy; the population density of a suburb is usually lower than the inner city area. Suburbs typically emerge in an area that is abundant in with flat land and are close to large urban zone. Suburbs are said to have a minimal amount of citizens that prefer to stay in quiet areas, far away from the hectic city life.

Residentially suburbs are considered as very peaceful places to live in, the suburbs have almost every mode of transport that is available in the city, and the residents can easily commute between the suburbs and the city with various modes of transport that is available to them.
Suburbs are the political units touching the borders of the central city or touching other suburbs that touch the city .

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