What Does J' Adore Mean?


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J' adore is French for I adore. The phrase implies that the person likes or adores something. It is an exclamation of adoration, liking bordering on love. In French you adore would translate to "vous adorez", he adores translates to "il adore", she adores to "elle adore" and we adore to "nous adorons". Similar to J' Adore there is Je vous adore which means I adore you or Je les adore which means I adore them. Words similar to adore, are like and love which would translate as J' aime in French for I like or I love.

J' adore would translate to Ich verehre in German, Adore in Italian, Eu Adore in Portuguese, and Adoro in Spanish. An opposite phrase would be I detest which would translate in the French to Je deteste.
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J'adore bothers me because it seems so incomplete. I would expect someone who adores something to add a direct object, expressing the recipient of such affection. I keep wanting to change that...isn't it a perfume name? je t'adore, meaning I love YOU,with the letter t representing the familiar you objective form in French
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It means "I love you."

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