What Does Psychoanalytic Mean?


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The term psychoanalytic is the adjective form of the word psychoanalysis. As an adjective it means of, employing or pertaining to psychoanalysis or even to its techniques and principles. A synonym for the term psychoanalytic is the word psychoanalytical.

Psychoanalysis is the name given to a method of psychological therapy which was put forth by the renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. In this therapy dream interpretation, free association, in addition to analysing resistance and transference form the core. These techniques are used in order to explore unconscious or repressed impulses, internal conflicts and anxieties. It could refer to the theory of personality which was first developed by Freud. The main focus is on repression and unconscious forces; it the notions of infantile sexuality, transference, resistance, as well as the three divisions of the psyche – that is, the id, ego, and superego.

It could also mean psychotherapy which incorporates this method and theory. The noun form of the word psychoanalytic is also psychoanalyst; while the adverb form of the same is psychoanalytically.

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