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As with many words, the word lame can have several different meanings depending upon the context in which it is being used. Also, like a lot of words in the English language, the meaning of this word has changed over time and can now carry rather negative connotations.

There are around four commonly used definitions of the word lame when it is being used as an adjective. When it is being used as a verb there is one definition.

The first definition of lame as an adjective is when it is used to describe a person or animal who is unable to walk normally because of an injury or illness (disease or infection) that affect the leg and/or foot. The second definition is a continuation of this meaning that the leg or foot has been affected in this way.

The third definition relates to a sentence, statement or answer that was unconvincing or feeble for example, "there was no excuse for such a lame answer”. This definition could also explain the colloquial use of the word "lame” when it is used to describe or call someone for being ‘rubbish’ in the eyes of another. This is an example of a word whose meaning has ‘got worse’ or in other words become pejorative as it now carries very negative connotations and is often used as an insult.

The final definition of lame is when it is used to describe someone who is quite naive for example, "if you didn’t know that, you are lame”. However, this definition can also be linked to the third due to its context and the negative connotations it carries.

The word lame can also be used as a verb, and the definition of this is to make someone (person or animal) lame for example, "he was made lame by a car accident”.
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Lame can be you can't walk, or you act lame according to what others say about you.
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Lame means unimportant, not living up to your expectations, or something you dislike and find no reason in.
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The word Lame is a slang substitute of an adjective that is used to define things of poor or incomplete quality. In more casual approach it is used as a synonymous with dim witted or crap. The term is also used to refer to performances which are not to the mark or are simply cheap. The word is also used a provocation to many inexperienced users in various fields. It is also linked to 'Uncool' performances.

The word Lame in English also refers to people who are handicapped, or have disabled movements or are otherwise crippled. The word lame can also be used to describe a really stupid person. The term is also mainly used in video games and online gaming and various other internet related services.
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You guys so lame man
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The word lame is from Old English word lama and is used in different contexts depending on its use.
Lame is a word referred to having a body part and especially a limb so disabled as to impair freedom of movement. The word is also used for poor, weak, unconvincing, ineffectual. Lame word is also used for any of a number of thin, overlapping plates composing a piece of plate armor, as a fault, tasset, or gauntlet. Also Visit Lame definition's Usage examples.

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