What Does Lame Duck Mean?


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A person or thing that isn't properly able to function, especially one that was previously proficient.
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The term lame duck as used in US politics refers to a elected official who has lost his political power. We frequently hear the expression in relation to the Presidency. It is used to refer to a current president during his last term in office, particularly during the last months of his term when his influence diminishes because he won't be around to see things through. You may also hear "lame duck president" in reference to a president who pushes bills through Congress and won't be in office to deal with the consequences.
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Lame duck is a metaphorical phase that was first coined in early 18th century. It is said that the phrase was first coined in the London Stock Exchange; the word was used against a broker who ended up as the defaulter on his owns debts. Horace Walpole is said to be the first man to have originally used the word in writing, he used the word when he was writing a letter to Sir Horace Mann in the year 1761, and the line written by him was "Do you know what a Bull and a Bear and Lame Duck are?"

However, in modern times the word lame duck can also be used to describe a person in various fields. The word Lame Duck is also used in the field of politics.

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