What Does Deflate Mean?


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Deflate means letting the air out.
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As a transitive verb deflate means releasing the contained air or the gas or to collapse (something) by doing so. It could mean reducing or lessening 'the size or the importance of'. In the field of economics it could mean reducing the availability or the amount of (currency or credit), thus bringing about a decline in prices. It could imply producing a deflation in (the economy). As an intransitive verb it means to be or to become deflated.

Possible synonyms for the word 'deflate' include the words contract and puncture. The antonym for the same is the term 'inflate'. Deflate comes from the prefix de- meaning down + the Latin word flare, flatus, meaning 'to blow'.

DEFLATE is also a 'lossless data compression algorithm' such that it uses a combination of both Huffman coding and the LZ77 algorithm. It is also a file format, compression.

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