What Does Ideological Mean?


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Ideological is an adjective and comes from the noun ideology. Ideological means something relating to or of an ideology or concerning ideas.

Ideological through ideology can be traced back to the French word "ideologie". An ideology is a body of ideas and they basically reflect the aspirations and social needs of a culture, group, class or individual. In terms of politics or economics it refers to the underlying set of beliefs or doctrines. Political Ideologies include Communism, Nationalism, Socialism, Islamism, Liberalism, Fascism, Capitalism, Feminism, Anarchism, Christian Democracy etc. An ideology is a result of a normative thought process trying to bring about change in society.

An ideology is basically a collection of ideas in an organised manner. The word ideology was coined in the eighteenth century by the French Count Destutt de Tracy. The Count's aim was to find a definition for a "science of ideas".

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