What Does Fermentation Mean?


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Fermentation is a chemical change in which certain chemical compounds are broken down into simpler forms. The change is caused by substances called enzymes, which are produced by tiny living plants or animals. Yeast for example, are one celled plants which produce enzymes.

There are three main kinds of fermentation: alcoholic, acetic and putrefactive. Each is caused by the presence of bacteria Yeasts or molds, which produce the particular enzymes responsible for the chemical change. Fruit syrups become alcoholic when yeast, containing an enzyme called zymase, is added.

Wine or cider turns to vinegar when certain bacteria, called 'mother of vinegar' are present. This is acetic fermentation. Meat and animal matter decay in putrefactive fermentation after certain molds have formed on them.

Fermentation helps in the digestion of food. An enzyme called 'ptyalin' in saliva changes the starch of foods into soluble sugar, the first step in digestion. Enzymes are also present in the stomach, the intestines, and the pancreas and in various other organs.
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Fermentation is the action of bacteria or yeasts on carbohydrates. So, in biomass fermentation,
fermentation would occur in biomass.
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Fermentation refers to the anaerobic translation of sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol, due to yeast. It is any kind of chemical reaction that takes place due to living and non living ferments that break complex compounds into simpler ones. Fermentation refers to in terms of food, biochemistry as well as industrial fermentation.

In terms of food it is the breaking down of carbohydrates into different acids. Fermentation in terms of food is generally applied to wine, beer, and vinegar as well as sour foods such as pickled cucumbers, kimchi and yogurt.

In terms of biochemistry it is referred to as poop. It is a course of energy making in a cell, which generally takes place in an anaerobic surroundings. In terms of industrial fermentation it simply refers to breaking down complex substances into simpler ones.
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It means the process of when an organic substance is processed into another organic substance aswell as carbon dioxide. This generates energy by a micro organism since oxygen isn't  there and is how they make the potatoe clock. It is used in the process of fractional deceleration. Fractional deceleration is exactly what is says it is. It is when smaller atoms then larger atoms evaporate, due to heat and form a gas. This is how they seperate them the mixtures in crude oil.
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