What Does Derrick Mean?


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A derrick basically is a lifting mechanism poised on one mast or pole which is hinged liberally at the base. It is operated by lines motorised by several such means as man-hauling or motors, so that the pole can travel in all four directions.

A line goes right to the top with a hook on its end, like with a crane. It was regularly used in docks. The device gets its name from Thomas Derrick who was an English executioner during the Elizabeth period because of its similarity to the structure from which a hangman's noose hangs.

Another type of derricks is generally applied over oil-wells and other drilled holes. This is commonly known as an oil derrick and basically is a compound set of machines particularly designed for finest efficiency, safety and low cost.
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The word derrick is used to define as large structure that is capable of lifting heavy loads. It is usually used to lift loads of bolted construction. In the process of drilling, the standard derrick is one that has a mast or pole and four legs. The legs of a derrick stand at the four corners of the substructure of the derrick and reach up to the crown block. The mast or pole of the derrick is hinged freely at the bottom.

A derrick is a tall framework that is erected over a hole that has been drilled into the earth at an oil rig. It is used to support the heavy equipment that is used in the process of boring and is also used to hoist and lower lengths of the pipe. It is also known as an oil derrick.

It is also a simple crane that has a boom. The lifting tackle is slung from the boom of the derrick. It is controlled by lines powered by such means as man-hauling or motors. There are usually four lines in a derrick. These enable the pole to move in all four directions.

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