What Does Qualitative Research Mean?


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Qualitative research is something that is related to or something that is concerned with quality rather than numeric values. It is derived from the Middle English word producing a primary quality. It is also considered to be an important in terms of subjects, where it is divided into two different terms. One is Qualitative marketing research and Qualitative research.

Quality research is mostly applied in social sciences. This kind of research generally digs into human behaviour and also the various reasons that revolve around governing human behaviour. Qualitative research is used in some of the fields like women's studies, disability studies, education studies, social work studies, information studies, management studies, nursing service studies, human service studies and others.

On the other hand Qualitative marketing research is used mostly for marketing and social science.
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Qualitative research simply means that qualifiers are presented to support the data collected.  The meaning of the data is captured in descriptive terms, and in a case like you are conducting, your qualitative research might including finding out buyers choose certain kinds of apparel, where they buy it and when and for what reasons, who the buyers are and how they spend on certain items of clothing, what their buying patterns are that result in the data or data trends, what environmental factors may be affecting spending habits at a certain store or within the region, etc.
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Qualitative research is research that is concerned with any type of research that does not involve any quantities, numerical values, or measurements. It mainly deals with analysis and evaluation.
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Qualitative research, in any field, does not concern itself with numbers and statistics, as quantitative research does.
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1. business research into attitudes about an organization: market research into the attitudes, concerns, and behavior of an organization's members in relation to the organization

2. research collecting descriptive information: research that gives detailed descriptions and explanations of the phenomenon studied rather than providing and analyzing statistics

hope this helps!
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Qualitative research is said to be one of the two major methods of approach to the research of methodology in social sciences, this qualitative research involves an in depth understanding of human behaviour, and it also researches the reasons behind the various aspects of human behaviour. Qualitative research is very different from the Quantitative research. The need between qualitative research and quantitative research is almost the same; the only difference is that the samples in qualitative research are more focused rather than large amount of random samples.

Qualitative research is also known as the categorization of data in to different patterns as its main base for the organization and the reporting of results.

Qualitative research methods started gaining recognition some time in the year 1970 and now in present times it has become one of the most important forms of research methods.

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