What Does Prodigy Mean?


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The term prodigy has a number of meanings like the Child Prodigy, The Prodigy, Moog Prodigy, etc. The most common heard one though is the Child prodigy.

A Child Prodigy basically is a person who is a master of one or more abilities or arts at a very small age.

A prodigy is an individual who around the age of 12, shows specialist ability or a deep grasp of the basics in a stream generally only undertaken by adults. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is well known example of child prodigy.

The word Wunderkind is at times used in the place of prodigy, mainly in media accounts, while this expression is discouraged in scientific writing. Wunderkind is also applied extensively for adults who attain success early in their careers.
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According to the word Prodigy has the meanings given below I have cited some examples along each meaning to make it more clear for you.
  • (n.) Something extraordinary, or out of the usual course of
    nature, from which omens are drawn; a portent; as,
    eclipses and meteors were anciently deemed prodigies. Example child prodigy is when someone does something extraordinary at a very young age
  • (n.) A production out of ordinary course of nature; an abnormal development; a monster. Example some omen
  • (n.) Anything so extraordinary as to excite wonder or astonishment; a marvel; as, a prodigy of learning.
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A person with exceptional talents or powers: A math prodigy.
An act or event so extraordinary or rare as to inspire wonder. See synonyms at wonder.
A portentous sign or event; an omen.
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Dance music
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