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The word ‘facts’ is the plural version of ‘fact’, a term which can refer to information that is verified and backed up, that concerns past or present circumstances or events, which are presented to people as objective reality. In science, facts are provable concepts. Basically, a fact is something that is true and cannot be denied.

The word ‘fact’ actually derives from the Latin ‘Factum’. Like many words in the English language, the word does in fact come directly from the Latin language, with only a slight change to the word to ensure that it fits the workings of the English language. ‘Fact’ once meant something that was ‘done or performed’, and of course that meaning is now obsolete. Instead, we see a fact as something that ‘has really occurred or is the case’. This latter meaning dates from the middle of the sixteenth century and is the modern day understanding.

The word fact is occasionally used synonymously with other words like truth or reality. This use can be found in phrases like ‘matter of fact’ and ‘not history, not fact, but imagination’. In essence, fact can replace the word ‘true’ in many sentences and still make complete sense.

Fact can also be used to indicate a ‘matter under discussion’, that is deemed to be true or correct. For instance, to emphasise a point, or provide an issue that is disputed. Ie, ‘the fact of the matter is.’.

One other way that ‘fact’ can be used, is by placing it in a sentence to indicate a stipulation or an allegation of something that may, or may not, actually be a ‘true fact’. So for instance, somebody might suggest that an author’s facts are not trustworthy. This means that things that are meant to be facts can often not be facts at all.
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Its cold hard true reality
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Proven evidence.
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A piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred.

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