What Does Sustained Mean In Court?


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Many words have different meanings when they are used in different situations and circumstances. When researching ‘what does sustained mean in court’, you will find many definitions. The main focus of its meaning is describing something as being approved or confirmed, it just simply means that something was accepted. When learning the language for court rooms it is important to have knowledge of this as it will be used often to ensure that the right information is gathered about the case.

If something is sustained, it is kept up. Therefore, when this is taken to the courtroom it is used by the judge to note something as correct and accepted. You will need to know this whether you are simply observing the court case or whether you are involved. Learning the language is going to make it easier for you to communicate and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes with regards to making a statement or asking a question.

Make sure that you are not confused by the terms that are used. One the keys to this are finding out what sustained means in court. It is used by lawyers when queries are raised and when the judge confirms statements and discusses any concerns that be mentioned by one of the lawyers that are working on the case.

Ensuring that you are aware of all the terms that are used will enable you to keep up with the case and understand what is being discussed and decided upon. If you want examples of this language being used in popular culture, leading legal dramas offer a good case study. Look out for when there are feisty trials in the courtroom, and where an objection is made to a certain claim. If an objection is sustained, this means that the person questioning the witness has to alter their technique.
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The word sustained is a past tense of the verb sustain. The verb has its origin in the Latin word sustinere which means 'to hold from the base'. It was modified by the Old French as sustenir. Then, it was adapted as sustenen by Middle English. In court, the term sustained means 'upheld the validity or correctness of'. For example: the judge sustained the objection of the prosecutor. It can be illustrated that the judge affirmed or favoured or accepted the doubt or protest offered the lawyer.

In court, this term sustained means backed, approved, bolstered, confirmed, endorsed, kept up, supported, validated or accepted as true or proper. The above instance occurs when one of the two lawyers raises a doubt over the clauses or points made by the other lawyer.
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In plain english this means that the judge agrees with the objection of the lawyer.  Bcmking3
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To uphold and support as truth, in court it means it will be allowed and considered as just, and supported by proof, it is legal and just...the best to you
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In plain English this means that the judge agrees with the objection of the attorney.
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It means agreed or approved by the judge
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It means proved in the term when a question has been asked and answered and some one objects if the answer was true with no reason  then the objection would be sustained : )
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In a practical sense, Sustained means the party, be it the prosecution or the defense, that is currently arguing can put into the legal record a fact or supposition that aids their argument.

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