What Does Tana Mean?


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The word tana is defined as a rapid musical passage. Tana is also known as Deatnu in Northern Sami. It is a municipality located in the county of Finnmark. The county of Finnmark is located in Norway. Besides the municipality in Norway, Tana is also the name of many other place names which are located all over the world.

Tana is the short-hand form of the city of Antananarivo, which is the capital city of Madagascar. Tana is an alternate name for the city of Tanais. Tana or Tanais was a medieval trading city. It was located on the Sea of Azov. It is located near the modern-day city of Azov. Tana is the name of a bridge and a river in Norway and also the name of a river in Kenya, a river in the state of Alaska in the United States of America, and a lake in Ethiopia.

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