What Is Meaning Of Name Marian?


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The word 'Marian' is considered as a variant of the word 'Marion' which conveys the idea of a pet form of Mary. When it comes to the meaning of the word 'Mary' it is also a derivative and can trace its derivation in the word 'Maria'.

The meaning of the word 'Maria' is not certain and in the absence of any evidence, several scholars have put forth different kind of meanings to of the word. Some say that the word conveys the idea of the 'sea of bitterness' while some relate it to the meaning of 'rebelliousness'. There are some other meanings also and one of them is 'wished for child'.

One meaning of the word which is widely acceptable and in terms of acceptability you can say that the word is the real meaning of the word. The meaning is 'my beloved or 'my love' and considered to be of Egyptian origin.

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